Getting started with self-love and Body confidence can be hard, for we have been brought up in a society that portrays beauty in a certain way.  And I’m sure many of you have grown up with a loved one who has put themselves down and made some kind of impact on what you perceive as beautiful. 

I am certainly guilty of this, and know my Mother was too. In the past I have often spoke of my hate for my body, how I wanted to change my body to make me feel better about myself.  How my boobs are too small & my waist too big.

It wasn’t until my Eldest Daughter started to develop into a young lady, that I realised my self-hate talk had started to have an impact on how she saw her changes in her body.

I realised in that moment that to make positive changes, in both mine & my children’s lives, I needed to step up & learn how to start accepting myself as I am, and encouraging positive body talk at home and around my children.

The journey to discovering your true self can be hard, it is an emotional rollercoaster ride and it is easy to put off for another day.

But you have made it this far, so congratulate yourself on taking the first step to a happier, more confident you.

I’m ready

So, let’s get to work, these three steps will really help you to start to work on that negative mindset, they will aid you into turning your negative self-talk, into positive self-actions. They will help you to start seeing yourself in all your beauty.

Step one -Triggers.

The first step in overcoming these negative and False beliefs you have of yourself, is to identify them.

Take some time to sit and think back on certain events, where you felt that negative feeling. Where were you?  What were you doing?  Were you alone?

Step two – Emotions.

How did you feel in that instance, for example – were you worried, sad, angry, uncomfortable?  then work out why were you feeling this way?

Step three – Replace.

Now you have identified what triggers you have and how they make you feel, we are going to replace them with a positive,

For example, if you were going out to a party, and your trigger was thinking Everyone will be looking at me, and thinking I look terrible or fat in this dress.  You may be feeling the emotions of anxiety and worry.  So, let’s take a moment to flip our trigger into a positive.

For each trigger you have identified, you are now going to work on replacing the negative; with a positive trigger.

Replaced trigger – Damn, my thighs look amazing in this dress.

 Replaced Emotion- Self-love, feeling good, feeling body confident.

Now it’s your turn…….


Go you, you did it! I cannot wait to see how far your Body confidence journey takes you.  With the support of other women on their self-love journey you really can become flawlessly you.