So many of us allow our outside image and our perception of ourselves to hold us back and stop us from doing the things in life that we would love and get immense joy out of. We hold ourselves back sometimes in the big things in life and sometimes in the simple everyday things.

How many times have you tried on a piece of clothing that you absolutely love only to take it straight back off because you feel like you don’t look ‘right’ in it? Your thighs are too big for those shorts, your arms are too flabby for short sleeves, you have stretch marks so a bikini is not an option. The list goes on. We all have that one thing that we allow to hold us back.

But what if we stopped doing that? What if we stopped allowing our own negative thoughts to control us? What would we do that before seemed so far out of reach?

Cellulite doesn’t control me

I have cellulite and plenty of it, but I refuse to let it hold me back. My thighs and bum are covered in the dimply skin that signals cellulite. I refuse to have my cellulite and how I feel about it hold me back and make me miss out on things in life that I know I will enjoy. That’s exactly what I’ve been working on over the years. I’ve been working on my mindset, working to turn my negative thoughts into thoughts of acceptance and eventually into thoughts of love – although its certainly not something I achieve 100% of the time.

A few weeks ago I decided to share my cellulite and my views of it with the nation. I posed for pictures and contributed to an article that went out in a national magazine. I literally bared all in those photos and in sharing my thoughts. Was I nervous? Yes. Did I let that hold me back? No. Did I worry about people looking at me in a different way and judging me? No

Picture from behind of cellulite on my thighs.
Picture of my cellulite

I work in the fitness and body confidence field but that does not mean that I have a perfect body or that my self love is unshakeable. Of course I get nervous and I sometimes doubt myself but my desire to be true to myself and honest about my body makes me step up. My desire to help thousands of other women grow their own self love and confidence over shadows the doubt that sometimes rears its head.

My three tips for your self love journey

  1. If you can’t lead with love then learn to appreciate yourself first. Appreciate the amazing things that your body does for you every day.
  2. Focus on one small positive thought, each time those negative thoughts creep in go back to that positive one and keep repeating it to yourself.
  3. Remember that your body and how it looks is only a small part of who you are, the far more important areas live on the inside of you.

I would love to hear from you and be able to understand where you are right now on your journey and how I can help you further. For more tips and support head on over to my site here.