Hey gorgeous Diva,   It’s been a while so I thought I would spend this time sharing what I have been up-to over the past year and how it has impacted my life.  In June of 2020 (yep nearly 2 years ago now). I took the plunge and enrolled into a program that would change My life completely, For me as a coach personal development is paramount, but I also wanted to do something that would not only benefit me in showing up as an expert in my field but one where I was able to dive in deep with my own insecurities. The Vita Method coined by Layla Martin promised to do just that, A full year of learnings, personal practices and an extensive 1-1 coaching practice module ensuring that what I learned was ingrained and transmitted to my clients through a container built on unconditional love & safety.  Plus I would also be able to take extra training in my specialist field, meaning I would be able to support my clients through self love & intimacy, using tools and techniques that would transform lives and create a wave of positive change through women kind! 

This meant spending the first 4 months of the course fully immersed on my own personal journey, followed by an additional 4 months being coached by my peers, diving deeper and deeper into the core of my own sexuality.  As a Brit,  embracing my inner diva and allowing all of me to show up was a struggle in its self, (we are taught to keep our emotions in) but in no time I was dropping deep into my body and uncovering pieces of myself I have buried and long forgotten, feeling all of the feels and expressing and allowing myself to complete my own healing process through love safety & compassion.I was discovering that to be an exceptional coach I must learn to not only listen to my client but guide them through their own embodied process, so they too could experience transformational shifts and complete trauma & stress cycles that were buried deep within.  

I was also learning how ashamed (Women especially) are at expressing their sexual desires and how by tapping into their power through gentle guidance and transformational practices, not only do they create huge change and awakening in their sexual relationships, but in all areas of their life.  And I began to realise that I was immersed In a world that could truly change the lives of every woman I or my peers came in contact with.  

This sparked me to explore with my sexuality and I decided to embark on a burlesque course, and over the last 6 months I have been learning the art of burlesque and performing around London with my troupe Bloomin’ Burlesque.  I have discovered that women long to take back control of how their bodies are viewed in society. That they believe all bodies should be celebrated and that all bodies are beautiful.  But the first step in achieving this is for them to learn to accept all parts of themselves.  To ground and truly feel into their own truth, and burlesque gives you the opportunity to create and express and share your truth to take back your sexual power, I love how Burlesque complements my coaching work. And how at 44 years old I am no longer just a mum or a wife, or a sister or a daughter, in fact I’m not even just Serena, I am all of me, my shadow parts are able to play in the light,  I am a true Goddess, an enchantress. I am more alive and tapped into my core essence than ever before, and I am not afraid to shine or take up the space I require… 

I am whole,  I am powerful and I am ready to change the lives of every woman I work with. 

With love