INTIMACY expert Serena Novelli shares her top tips to boost bedroom body confidence . . . 

DON’T STRIP OFF: If being nude fills you with fear, try dressing up instead. Having a bit of fun with sexy outfits will take your mind off your worries and help you relax into intimacy.

STOP HAVING VANILLA SEX: Try new positions or, better still, new places. The element of surprise can be exciting.

BE SOMEONE ELSE: Fantasies shouldn’t be taboo – avoid awkwardness by revealing your desires in a letter, or try role play. If you’re playing a different person, you don’t need to be afraid.

QUIT STEWING ABOUT SEX: Instead of focusing on worries and self-doubt during love-making, stop your thoughts and take a breath. Clearing your mind is paramount for mind-blowing passion and limitless orgasm.

BANISH THE ‘OTHER WOMAN’: Stop imagining the affair your partner could be having and start embracing the sexy woman you really are. Your partner expects nothing more than the person they fell in love with – you.