Asking For A Friend: I hate being naked, what should I do?

Why am I scared of being naked?

‘For some, gymnophobia can be a highly functioning anxiety disorder that affects their everyday life and hinder or hurt intimacy altogether,’ Serena Novelli, a love, sex and relationship expert specialising in female sexuality, tells

Gymnophobia is really individual, meaning that different people will have different levels of fear towards nudity – which will shift depending on the context. 

For example, some people might fear public nudity, like in the gym changing rooms, while others might be afraid of seeing other people’s naked bodies.

Others, on the other hand, might fear being naked alone – or just with a romantic partner. 

‘There are many reasons why some people fear being naked, but some of the more common reasons could be to do with religious upbringing, past sexual trauma or social conditioning around body image, such as having been bullied or shamed in relation to your body while growing up,’ Serena adds.