Valentine’s Day 2023: top tips from relationship experts on how to cope with being single on romantic holiday

Serena Novelli, certified intimacy, love and relationship expert, added: “Images of happy couples all over social media make it easy to fall into the trap of feeling like you are the only person in the world not to be experiencing true love”. But, that’s definitely not true. If you start to feel this way when scrolling through your social feeds, get off them.

Novelli also suggests creating a self-love ritual for yourself. She said: “Self love is the most powerful source of love that we can ever tap into,  so be kind to yourself. Indulge in activities that light you up and make you feel good; take yourself on a date, treat yourself to those new shoes, soak in heavenly milk baths surrounded by your favourite scented candles. Practice gratitude daily, and remind yourself daily – not just Valentine’s Day – that you are worthy of the most devotional love of all – your own.”

Novelli said: “This is a practice I use with my clients time and time again. We are so conditioned to focus on the pieces we don’t like about ourselves, but what if we flip the switch and tap into total love and acceptance of ourselves?”

She suggests writing a letter of love like you have never received before, but to yourself. She added that if you want to tap into something deeper and more meaningful you can imagine yourself as your higher being or energy and send unconditional love down. You should include aspects of your physicality, your soul mission, your personality, your ambition and more – and you should soon feel a lot happier and stronger.