Confidence to Catwalk

Uncomfortable to Unstoppable Catwalk Course

Transform your self-image from uncomfortable to unstoppable with our exclusive course designed to elevate your confidence and presence. Join us on a journey led by Serena, where over 6 transformative months, you’ll conquer mindset barriers and embrace body confidence like never before.

As a bonus, prepare to unleash your inner goddess during a professionally curated photo shoot, capturing your essence in three stunning images. Plus, master the art of the runway with a specialized strut masterclass led by none other than the renowned Madam Storm.

Picture yourself strutting with confidence down the catwalk at the highly anticipated Love Thy Body Project Christmas Ball 2024. If you’re ready to sashay your way into the spotlight with poise and allure, seize this opportunity now by filling in the form below. Don’t miss your chance to shine!

The Modules

Week 1: Introduction to Body Confidence
Week 2: The Power of Mindset
Week 3: Basics of Embodiment
Week 4: Exploring Self-Compassion

Week 5: Introduction to EFT
Week 6: Mirror Work Fundamentals
Find your wild Photoshoot
Week 7: Emotional Literacy
Week 8: Body Positivity & Diversity
Week 9: CBT Basics for Self-Esteem

Weeks 10: Setting boundaries
Week 11: Stress Management Techniques
Week 12: Navigating Comparison and Competition
Week 13: Reflection week

Week 14: Advanced Embodiment Practices
Weeks 15 & 16: Empowerment through EFT
Week 17: Affirmations and mirror work for self-assurance

Week 18: Foundations of Stage Presence
Week 19: Owning Your Space
Strut Master Class
Week 20: Connecting with the Audience
Week 21: Personal Storytelling & Authenticity
Week 22: Practicing presence on the virtual catwalk

Week 22: Integrating Tools and Techniques
Week 23: Embracing self mastery
Week 24: Creating Your Confidence Toolkit

Week 25: Soundbath healing

Week 26: Dress Rehearsal
week 27: Aftercare call

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