Join the Love Squad: Volunteers Wanted!

Be the Heartbeat of Enchantment

“Beyond the Wardrobe: An Evening of Enchanted Elegance” is not just an event; it’s a journey into a world where magic unfolds at every turn, and every moment is a celebration of empowerment and unity. This year, we’re assembling a team of extraordinary volunteers — our very own Love Squad — to help create the ultimate experience for our attendees. Are you ready to step into a realm of enchantment and make a profound difference?

We’re Seeking Magic Makers:
We are on the lookout for 10-15 remarkable individuals who embody our company’s core values and are eager to contribute their passion, creativity, and organizational skills to our cause. The Love Squad will play a pivotal role in bringing our charity ball to life, championing others, and ensuring a diverse and inclusive experience for everyone.

Your Role in the Love Squad:
As a member of the Love Squad, you will:

Champion Empowerment: Inspire and uplift attendees, ensuring everyone feels welcomed and valued.
Foster Inclusivity: Help us create an environment where all attendees can experience the magic of the evening, regardless of their background.
Organise with Heart: Utilise your organisational skills to keep the evening flowing smoothly, ensuring every detail is sprinkled with enchantment.
Unleash Creativity: Bring your unique ideas and creative flair to enhance the atmosphere and experience of the charity ball.
Key Details:
Dates required: December 6th – 8th to help set up, Man and pack away.

3-6 dates thoughout the year TBC for 1hr zoom meeting to discuss requirements and train in any areas where training may be required,

Location: Woking Surrey

Perks of Being Part of the Love Squad:
In exchange for your invaluable support, Love Squad members will receive half-price tickets to the event. Plus an affiliate link to earn from any ticket sales that come through their own network

It’s our way of saying thank you for being an integral part of making “Beyond the Wardrobe” a night to remember.

If you’re ready to spread love, champion empowerment, and create a night of unforgettable elegance, we want you. click here to register your interest